Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Featured Artist:: Linda Abbey

Evening Shadows in Arceti
"I paint to remember – how the light is on a certain day at a certain time, how purple the shadows are on the snow, how soft the colors are at dusk – to try to capture what I am seeing and feeling. I like to paint watercolor with a big brush using the accidents, transparency, and freshness of the watercolor medium itself in my paintings. I like to see where it takes me.

Recently, I lived in Florence, Italy, for two and a half years. Wonderful! The light is different there and it was fun to try to capture it."
Linda Abbey

Clockwise left to right, top to bottom: La Foce Rd; San Quirico di Orcia; Olive Grove in Fiesole; Roman Wall Near Piazza Michelangelo; Duomo from Our Terrace; Duomo from the Library.

Clockwise left to right, top to bottom: Cortland Standard; Henneberry Rd; Around the Bend; Old Stone Mill.

Left to right: Iris (detail); White Peonies; Blue Teapot with Lilacs.


BJ said...

Those are all fabulous! I love how fresh and light your paintings are. Can't wait to start classes again with you!

sn said...

Truly beautiful and a wonderful variety of color and light.