Friday, March 8, 2013

Featured artist: Marge Hill

"I am intrigued, stimulated and yet soothed by color.  It brings emotion to the forefront, and satisfies my need for expression.  My paintings run the gamut from realism to expressionism and finally to non-representational.  It is the same with the rest of my life... I have many divergent interests."    Marge Hill

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Hamilton Center for the Arts HCA said...

I am interested in connecting with Marge Hill.
I am organizing a water color exhibit at the Broad Street Gallery. The show will run June 3-July 15. So far, Karen Harris and Judith Hand are in the show. I am looking for artists whose work is abstract/non traditional. The show will probably consist of 6 artists. Each person would have maybe 2 or 3 large pieces and a few smaller ones. The HCA is now connected (nextdoor) to the BSG. This just happened April 1. Because of everything involved in the move, I have gotten behind on organizing the shows. I need to firm up plans by next week for promo. Thank you for any help.

Kathy Herold, Director
Broad Street Gallery, 20 Broad Street
Hamilton Center for the Arts, 16 Broad Street
315 368-4453