Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Feature Artist: Robert Poormon

 Artist Statement

     The things I make and color are inspired by the meandering geometries and controlled irregularities of nature. Nature is curved, textured, irregular; not squared, radiused or planar. In her own way, then, nature shows the meandering perfection of her forever-ness. Messy order. Precise approximate-ness. So nature is not revealed in readily-apprehended lines so typical of usual human design, but in the woven interplay, the layered functionality, the dynamic complexity of her ongoing intentionalily. This layered richness is what I seek somehow to iterate.

     In these constructions, my labored depictions, I do not much try to conceal my hand. Textures and colors are made to be seen. “Perfection” is unlikely. Nature is rarely shiny. Variations in surface and reflectance are part of what is sought: a transcription of nature's rules of precise approximate-ness. Perfect imperfection. Textural expressionism.

     We are inundated with images. Some have even accused the image of usurping the power of the word, and I think for many of us it has. Images, photographs, illustrations, pictures. But a picture of a tree is not a tree or the experience of being near a tree. We are analog beings after all, for some time yet. “A picture is worth a thousand words”, it's been said. I want to create work that might be worth at least a couple of pictures.

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