Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Featured Artist: Maria Rizzo

Human Nature #1
Artist Statement:
My current work is about portraying our human condition symbolized as a tree. The tree has three main parts: the roots, the trunk and the branches. The roots can be seen as our past, our childhood, and the experiences which help form the person that we are now. The solidity and the immobility of the tree come from the roots. I can see the roots, also, as our "inferno", our unconscious part, which is full of desires and irrational memories. Then we have the trunk which I see as the perception of our present, the image of what we have become through our experiences. I also can see the trunk as our armor, the walls that we create to protect our self from what is painful for us. The last part of the tree are the branches. I see them as a representation of our future of great potential and unsure possibilities. As an artist I want to portray our condition through cryptic images and I want to share them with whoever quests life.

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